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  • 1.5 hour lesson

Pass Plus


  • Full Course

Discount for block bookings – 10 lessons for £270

Please be aware that I do not use trainer instructors and you will only ever learn on a one to one basis with myself or another highly qualified instructor that I may recommend if I have a full diary.Be aware of some driving schools that are using part qualified and inexperienced trainee instructors as you may not be told your instructor is only a trainee. Although there are some good trainee instructors out there isn’t it better to make the right choice and go with a highly experienced and highly qualified instructor who has a proven track record and a high pass rate. Learning to drive is expensive and is a skill for life,make the right choice at the start and enjoy learning the skills to get you on the road to success.

How many lessons will I need?


So, you want to know how many lessons you will need?

It is difficult to gauge initially how many lessons you may need. The driving tests now are more demanding than ever and a high

degree of skill is needed to pass the tests. If you were to ask many of the larger driving institutions and national driving schools then

a recommended amount would be approximately 30-40 hours tuition for a 17 yr old pupil. Some people learn much more quickly and

some people take more time and lessons to reach an acceptable standard. After a few lessons your instructor should be able to give

you a fair indication.

How long will my driving test last?


Your driving test will last anywhere between 38-48 minutes depending on various conditions and routes,during the test you will be asked to carry out ONE of the following manoeuvres.

Reverse into a parking bay and drive out.

Pull into a parking bay forward and drive out

Reverse park on a parked car.

Pull up on the right hand side of the road,reverse 2 car lengths and then move off and rejoin the left hand side of the road.

You may also be asked to carry out a controlled stop exercise,this will be carried out on one in three driving tests.

There is an element of independent driving which lasts for approximately 20 minutes.This can take the form of following a Sat Nav,verbal instructions or following various road signs or even a combination of these.

Four out of five tests will involve using a Sat Nav and following pre recorded routes as laid down by your local test centre.

In order to pass your test you must not accumulate more than 15 driving (minor) faults,if you commit one serious or dangerous fault then you will fail the test.

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